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Giving shape to people’s ideas through the power of print.

Since its founding as a specialist printer in 1945, Yamacs has made constant strides in research, development and production of nameplates, various transfers, stickers, seals, labels, and in precision printing of specialty films.

Under the motto of contributing to all industries through beautiful, creative and highly specialized print, we have been helping our clients with their products to create value for their brand.
Nowadays in the printing industry an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing is becoming increasingly important as more and more people call for less plastics. In playing our part to tackle this global environmental problem we are also working on research and development into new printing methods that are less harmful to the environment, including the use of recycled resources whenever possible.

While preserving the history and culture of printing, as well as the loyalty handed down from those before us, we will go beyond the very idea of print to meet the many varied needs of our clients. With our overall planning capabilities and bespoke sales services that make full use of tradition and innovation, experience and ideas, we hope to turn your thoughts into reality.
I very much look forward to working with you in the future.

President and CEO Takeshi Ito