Our Features

Yamacs can do it – always.

Turning what customers think can’t be done, into reality. That is the defining feature of Yamacs. Going beyond what has been done before, we set up early on a research and development department and developed our own original ink. And the fact that we have produced our own printing plates shows Yamacs’ unique ability to do what has not been done before.

From sales and planning, research and development, to manufacturing and quality control. Yamacs works together as one team to create value for you.

Acquired expertise

Through its reshaping of the specialty printing industry thanks to all sorts of technological innovations, Yamacs is
able to make proposals
like no other company.

State-of-the-art equipment

Using the latest equipment to meet the needs of the times, ensuring high performance in terms of speed and quality.

In-house production systems

Enhanced security with in-house production and information security manuals.

Kanto and Kansai sites

Better able to adjust schedules or prevent problems with similarly capable plants in both the east and west of Japan.

Our Ability to Make Proposals Speak to us first, no matter how difficult the problem.

Since our founding we have helped manufacturing in all industries with our printing technology. The source of Yamacs’ strong ability to make proposals is in its desire to benefit companies with the help of its numerous technological developments as well as its experience, expertise, and track record built up over many years. Yamacs also ensures its staff are able to deal with all customers by giving them the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge on many different projects. And providing customers with two or more proposals is the Yamacs way born naturally from its many years in business. One proposal seeks to give a simple answer while another provides a fresh perspective. Doing it this way ensures that any real problems come to light.

The best sales tool at Yamacs’ disposal is its ability to make proposals which solve these intrinsic problems. This is the reason why people speak to us first, no matter how difficult the problem.

Our Development Capabilities Creating the perfect ink,
just for you.

Printing technology continues to evolve with the times. In its constant pursuit for new ways to print and to solve the many different issues our customers have, Yamacs set up a research and development department, an unusual step for a company in the industry. This is the Yamacs way – to constantly meet customers’ needs through in-house development and partnerships with contract manufacturers to achieve the colors and performance impossible to get with existing inks.
Yamacs will expand the possibilities of printing by focusing on planning and development that truly meets the needs of our customers.

Our Production Capabilities Fully equipped with safe and reliable manufacturing sites.

Yamacs has a total of three manufacturing plants – two in Kansai (Osaka and Shin-Osaka) and one in Kanto (Saitama). With the same level of equipment in each plant, data, plates, and molds can be easily moved creating a flexible manufacturing environment at plants both in the east and west of Japan should any kind of natural disaster occur.
An important role for Yamacs is also giving customers the chance to see the plants in Kansai and Kanto. This is so you can see the manufacturing sites for yourself, giving you the confidence to work with us.
With its in-house production from the plate-making stage, processing technologies and quality can be improved and lead times shortened, ensuring Yamacs is able to work quickly. At the same time, Yamacs has established a system to meet a greater variety of needs with its state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.