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Company History

Yamacs’ History of Striving for Technological Innovation

Yamacs began its journey as Yamashita Mark Works in a corner of a photo studio in Tanimachi, Osaka in 1945. Now, the company has expanded with fully-equipped plants in Kanto and Kansai, receiving orders from all over the country from companies in many different fields.
But the ambitions the company first had when it was founded have remained unchanged. We are constantly striving for the best technologies and creativity, forever evolving in our efforts to advance together with our clients.

1945 Sep Founded Yamashita Mark Works
1949 Mar Plant established in Kita-ku, Osaka
1952 Apr Incorporated as Yamashita Mark Works Co., Ltd.
Sep Tokyo Sales Office opened
1953 Sep Nagoya Sales Office opened
1960 Jan Company name changed to Yamashita Mark Co., Ltd.
1966 Jun Saitama Plant established
1969 Sep Technological tie-up with Meyer Code, USA
1970 May Sole agent contract with Sumitomo 3M Ltd.
1973 Sep New Head Office building completed
1982 Aug Kumamoto Sales Office opened
1985 Jun Gunma Sales Office opened
1987 Sep Company name changed to YAMACS CORPORATION
1988 Feb Akashi Sales Office opened
1992 Apr Construction of new Nagoya Sales Office completed
1995 Aug Construction of new Shin-Osaka Plant completed
Dec Established Hong Kong subsidiary, Yamacs (HK) Limited
1998 Dec Construction of Saitama Plant Main Building completed
2000 Jan Acquired ISO 9002 certification for Shin-Osaka Plant
2001 Dec Extension to Shin-Osaka Plant completed
2002 Sep Construction of new Tokyo Office completed
Nov Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification for Osaka and Tokyo Offices
Dec Acquired ISO 14001 certification for Osaka Office
Dec Hiroshima Office established
2003 Dec Acquired ISO 14001 certification for Tokyo Office and Saitama Plant
2005 Oct Construction of new Osaka Plant completed
2007 Jul Construction of Saitama Plant New Building completed
2011 May Established subsidiary in China, Shenzhen Yamacs Trading Co.,Ltd.
2015 Jun Refurbishment and seismic strengthening to Head Office building
2018 Mar R&D Center opened
image1 First order received (Sep 1, 1945)
The company received its first order for cloakroom tags which were used in Cabaret Kabuki, a “comfort facility” opened immediately after WWII for the benefit of occupying allied troops.
image2 Yamashita Mark Works at the time of its founding in 1945
image3 A 1949 Yamashita Mark Works calendar
image4 The Tokyo Sales Office at the time of its opening in 1953
image5 In front of the Head Office plant in 1960
image6 The new Head Office building was completed in 1973
image7 The Saitama Plant Main Building was completed in 1998
image8 The new Tokyo Office was built in 2002
image9 The New Building at the Saitama Plant was completed in 2007
image10 The Head Office building was refurbished and earthquake-proofed in 2015