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Company Corporate Data

Equipped with large-scale equipment for sticker printing, silkscreen printing, and digital printing in both the Kanto and Kansai areas. Working with sales offices across the country, Yamacs is ideally suited to handle all your requests to provide a bespoke, high-quality service.

Company Profile

Founded September 1945
Incorporated April 1952
Capital 40 million yen
Executive Officers

Takeshi Ito, President and CEO
Jun Hosokawa, Director
Shinji Kobayashi, Director
Shinichi Sumiyoshi, Director
Hideo Naoi, Director
Atsushi Okubo, Director
Kumiko Tanaka, Director

Employees Approx. 320 (as of Oct, 2020)
Annual Turnover 6,000 million yen
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Kansai Mirai Bank
The Minato Bank
Major Products

■ Relief, offset, flexographic print products
Seals and stickers, etc.
■ Silkscreen print products
Seals, stickers, panels, transfers, etc.
■ On-demand print products
Seals, stickers, panels, etc.
■ Hybrid products
Products printed in multiple ways

Head Office and Other Locations

Osaka Office

Head Office

Head Office (FSC CoC certified)

1-16-31 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0071 Japan
TEL 06-6371-6131/FAX 06-6371-7191

1-16-31 Nakatsu,Kita-ku,Osaka531-0071 Japan


Shin-Osaka Plant (UL certified)

1-2-51 Nonakakita, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0034 Japan
TEL 06-6397-0811/FAX 06-6397-0841

1-2-51 Nonakakita,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka 532-0034


Osaka Plant (FSC CoC / UL CSA certified)

2-13-53 Mikunihonmachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0005 Japan
TEL 06-6396-8871/FAX 06-6396-8872

2-13-53 Mikunihonmachi,Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka 532-0005 Japan


Nagoya Sales Office

3-3 Iwatsukahondori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 453-0861 Japan
TEL 052-413-6101/FAX 052-413-6159

3-3 Iwatsukahondori,Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 453-0861 Japan

Akashi Sales Office

1-2-8 Matsunouchi, Akashi, Hyougo 673-0016 Japan
TEL 078-928-6525/FAX 078-928-6584

1-2-8 Matsunouchi,Akashi,Hyougo 673-0016 Japan

Kumamoto Sales Office

1909-914 Kikutomi, Koushi, Kumamoto 861-1112 Japan
TEL 096-248-6661/FAX 096-248-6746

1909-914 Kikutomi,Koushi,Kumamoto 861-1112 Japan

Hiroshima Office

3-5-9, Setohaimu, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, 735-0011 Japan
TEL 082-284-5391/FAX 082-284-5356

3-5-9,setohaimu,Fuchu-choAki-gum,Hiroshima, 735-0011 Japan

Tokyo Office


Tokyo Office (FSC CoC certified)

2-12-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016 Japan
TEL 03-3834-4481/FAX 03-3834-4507

2-12-9 Taito,Taito-ku,Tokyo110-0016 Japan


Saitama Plant Main Building (FSC CoC certified)

2-1-9 Aoyagi, Souka, Saitama 340-0002 Japan
TEL 048-936-0206/FAX 048-936-0855

2-1-9 Aoyagi,Souka,Saitama 340-0002 Japan


Saitama Plant New Building (FSC CoC certified)

2-1-9 Aoyagi, Souka, Saitama 340-0002 Japan
TEL 048-936-0206/FAX 048-936-0855

2-1-9 Aoyagi,Souka,Saitama 340-0002 Japan

Gunma Sales Office

51-1 Hinode-cho, Isesaki, Gunma 372-0022 Japan
TEL 0270-24-7009/FAX 0270-24-5599

51-1 Hinode-cho,Isesaki,Gunma372-0022 Japan